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The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren - Review, Summary, Analysis & Facts

The True Love Experiment  by Christina Lauren

Table of Contents:

1. Book Details

Full Title:

The True Love Experiment




Contemporary Fiction

Number of Pages:

416 pages

Author - Who Wrote?

Christina Lauren (pen name of writing partners Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings)

Publication Date:

May 16, 2023

Country & Original Language:

United States - English


San Diego


  • Felicity “Fizzy” Chen - A romance novelist facing a writing block and questioning her own experiences in love.

  • Connor Prince III - A documentary filmmaker and single father, reluctantly involved in creating a reality TV dating show.

  • Stevie - Connor's daughter.

  • Juno - Fizzy's niece.

2. Synopsis

The True Love Experiment unfolds in the vibrant city of San Diego, introducing readers to Felicity "Fizzy" Chen, a beloved romance novelist who, despite her successful career, finds herself at a crossroads. As Fizzy confronts her past during a commencement speech, she realizes that the romantic optimism she's encouraged in her readers feels like a distant echo in her own life. Her journey into the complexities of love, beyond the pages of her novels, sets the stage for this engaging romance.

Enter Connor Prince III, a documentary filmmaker and single father, whose world is about to take an unexpected turn. Pressured by his profit-driven boss to create a reality TV show, Connor is tasked with finding a romantic lead. A serendipitous encounter with the exasperated Fizzy sparks an unconventional idea: what if the queen of romance becomes the star of her own love story? Fizzy, intrigued yet hesitant, sets forth a condition—each contestant must embody a classic romance archetype.

As production on The True Love Experiment begins, the chemistry between Fizzy and Connor simmers, threatening to transcend the scripted nature of the reality show. Faced with the challenge of navigating their own emotions amidst the orchestrated romance, Fizzy and Connor must grapple with unexpected feelings, blurred lines, and the realization that their personal love stories may be more captivating than those played out onscreen.

Amidst humor, steamy scenes, and heartfelt moments, The True Love Experiment explores the intricacies of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of genuine connections in the modern world. Will Fizzy find the swoon-worthy love she pens for her characters, and will Connor's own romantic tale unfold behind the camera? This delightful romantic comedy is a testament to the enduring allure of love and the unpredictable nature of real-life happily ever afters.

3. Summary

The True Love Experiment is a romantic journey that intertwines the worlds of Felicity "Fizzy" Chen, a renowned romance novelist, and Connor Prince III, a documentary filmmaker. Set against the backdrop of sunny San Diego, the narrative unfolds with Fizzy at a pivotal moment in her life. Despite her flourishing career and a multitude of bestsellers, she grapples with the stark realization that she hasn't been practicing the love and happiness she fervently advocates in her novels.

The story kicks into gear when Connor, a single father deeply devoted to his work, faces an unexpected challenge. His profit-driven boss mandates a shift from socially conscious documentaries to reality TV, thrusting Connor into unfamiliar terrain. Desperate to find the perfect romantic lead for the show, he serendipitously encounters Fizzy, the queen of romance herself. What begins as a chance meeting evolves into an intriguing proposition: Fizzy as the star of a reality TV dating show where her quest for love is broadcast to the world.

Fizzy, initially resistant to the idea, throws Connor a curveball—she'll only participate if the contestants align with classic romance archetypes. Connor, eager to make the show a success, agrees to Fizzy's unconventional demand. Thus, The True Love Experiment is born, a reality show that promises not only entertainment but also a genuine exploration of love, relationships, and the quirky world of romance archetypes.

As production commences, the chemistry between Fizzy and Connor becomes palpable, transcending the scripted nature of the show. Fizzy, accustomed to crafting love stories on paper, finds herself entangled in a real-life romantic drama. Connor, attempting to maintain a professional distance, can't escape the magnetic pull drawing him closer to Fizzy. Their interactions behind the scenes, filled with banter, sparks, and undeniable connection, create a captivating narrative within the larger framework of the reality show.

The characters are not mere clichés; they're vibrant and multifaceted. Fizzy, whose public persona contrasts with her private struggles, grapples with writer's block, familial expectations, and a longing for genuine love. Connor, initially perceived as an outsider to the romance genre, reveals depth as a dedicated father, a compassionate friend, and a man navigating his own complexities.

The romantic tension between Fizzy and Connor grows steadily, with moments of vulnerability, self-discovery, and unexpected emotions. The story doesn't shy away from exploring the challenges of love in the modern world, addressing themes of trust, commitment, and the blurred lines between reality and scripted television.

The supporting cast adds layers of humor, warmth, and mischief to the narrative. Connor's daughter, Stevie, and Fizzy's niece, Juno, inject youthful energy and delightful chaos. Cameos from characters in previous Christina Lauren novels, including The Soulmate Equation, provide Easter eggs for dedicated fans.

The pacing of the story, while initially slow, gains momentum as the characters and their relationships evolve. The dialogue, laced with wit and humor, is a signature element of Christina Lauren's storytelling. However, some readers might find Fizzy's quippy way of speaking and certain aspects of the dialogue, particularly Connor's inauthentic British expressions, to be a matter of personal taste.

The authors masterfully navigate the challenges of a reality TV setting, incorporating the intrigue, drama, and humor inherent in the genre. The romance archetypes introduced in the show—Hot Nerd, Cinnamon Roll, Vampire, and more—add a playful and self-aware layer to the narrative. The dynamics between Fizzy and the contestants, each embodying a different archetype, contribute to the overall charm of The True Love Experiment.

While the central focus remains on Fizzy and Connor, the narrative weaves in broader themes about the romance genre itself. Fizzy's commencement speech, addressing the essence of romance as a genre that elevates stories of joy above stories of pain, serves as a meta-commentary on the significance of love stories in literature.

As Fizzy confronts her own insecurities and uncertainties about love, the story becomes a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The juxtaposition of Fizzy's public image as a romance guru with her private struggles humanizes her character and adds depth to the overall narrative.

The authors navigate the challenges of portraying a reality TV romance with finesse, acknowledging the artificiality while delving into the authentic emotions that surface. The alternating points of view between Fizzy and Connor provide readers with insights into the inner workings of both characters, fostering a deeper connection with their individual journeys.

The climax of the story introduces a plot twist that adds a layer of tension and complexity to Fizzy and Connor's relationship. Without delving into clichéd third-act dramatics, the authors resolve the conflict in a way that aligns with the characters' maturity and growth. The resolution, while satisfying, doesn't shy away from addressing the complexities of real-life relationships.

In conclusion, The True Love Experiment is a delightful and heartwarming rom-com that delivers on its promises of laughter, steamy scenes, and a genuine exploration of love. Christina Lauren's storytelling prowess shines through as they craft a narrative that pays homage to the romance genre while subverting its tropes. With engaging characters, a unique premise, and a touch of self-awareness, this novel stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of love stories and the unpredictable nature of true love.

4. Analysis (symbols, themes etc)

Genre and Themes:

"The True Love Experiment" by Christina Lauren falls within the romantic comedy genre, blending elements of contemporary romance with humor and self-awareness. The novel explores themes of love, self-discovery, the intersection of fiction and reality, and the challenges of navigating relationships in the modern world.

Narrative Structure:

The narrative is structured around the experiences of Felicity "Fizzy" Chen, a romance novelist, and Connor Prince III, a documentary filmmaker. The alternating points of view provide readers with insights into the thoughts and emotions of both main characters, fostering a deeper connection with their individual journeys. The authors employ a dual perspective to navigate the complexities of a reality TV romance, allowing readers to witness the unfolding events from different angles.


The characters in "The True Love Experiment" are crafted with depth and nuance. Fizzy, despite her public image as a romance guru, grapples with personal insecurities, writer's block, and a longing for genuine love. Connor, initially perceived as an outsider to the romance genre, evolves into a multidimensional character with dedication as a father, compassion as a friend, and complexity in his own emotional journey. The supporting cast, including Stevie and Juno, adds layers of humor and warmth to the narrative.

  1. Felicity "Fizzy" Chen:

  • Role: Protagonist and a successful romance novelist.

  • Personality: Initially portrayed as bubbly and carefree, Fizzy experiences a significant internal struggle, realizing she hasn't truly experienced the love she writes about. Her journey involves self-discovery, vulnerability, and breaking free from her own expectations.

  • Development: Fizzy evolves from a seemingly confident and happy-go-lucky author to a more introspective and self-aware individual. Her growth is marked by confronting her fears, addressing past mistakes, and embracing the possibility of genuine love.

  1. Connor Prince III:

  • Role: Protagonist and documentary filmmaker turned reality TV producer.

  • Personality: Initially reserved and focused on his career, Connor's character unfolds to reveal a warm, caring, and loyal individual. His dedication to his daughter and the sincerity in his actions make him a compelling counterpart to Fizzy's vivaciousness.

  • Development: Connor's character undergoes a subtle transformation as he navigates the challenges of reality TV production and unexpected romantic feelings. His progression involves opening up emotionally, challenging his own preconceptions, and embracing the unpredictability of love.

  1. Stevie and Juno:

  • Roles: Connor's daughter (Stevie) and Fizzy's niece (Juno).

  • Significance: These secondary characters add depth and heart to the story. Stevie and Juno's interactions contribute to the overall family dynamic and highlight the impact of love on different generations.

  1. Supporting Cast (Reality Show Contestants):

  • Roles: Hot Nerd, Cinnamon Roll, Vampire, etc.

  • Significance: Beyond serving as entertaining contestants on the reality show, these characters playfully represent romance novel archetypes. They contribute to the satire on traditional tropes and provide humorous moments within the narrative.

Romance Archetypes and Self-Awareness:

The incorporation of romance archetypes within the reality TV show adds a layer of self-awareness to the narrative. The authors play with traditional romance tropes, including Hot Nerd, Cinnamon Roll, and Vampire, infusing the story with humor and a nod to the conventions of the genre. This self-awareness contributes to the novel's charm, engaging readers who are familiar with romance conventions while subverting expectations.


  1. San Diego:

  • Significance: The story is set in San Diego, providing a vibrant and picturesque backdrop. The choice of location contributes to the overall contemporary and laid-back atmosphere of the novel. San Diego's sunny and coastal environment contrasts with the internal conflicts faced by the characters.

  1. Reality TV Show Setting:

  • Significance: The inclusion of a reality TV dating show within the narrative adds a unique layer to the setting. It introduces staged scenarios, quirky contestants, and the artificial nature of televised romance. The contrast between the glossy show setting and the characters' authentic emotions creates a dynamic environment.

  1. Romance Novel Archetypes:

  • Significance: The setting extends beyond physical locations to include the conceptual space of romance novel archetypes. Each contestant represents a specific trope, allowing the authors to playfully explore and satirize traditional romance conventions. This adds depth to the setting by incorporating elements of the romance genre into the narrative structure.

  1. Author's Universe:

  • Significance: As part of Christina Lauren's literary universe, the setting connects with characters and elements from previous novels, such as "The Soulmate Equation." This shared universe provides a sense of continuity for readers familiar with the authors' works, creating an additional layer of engagement.

Meta-Commentary on Romance Genre:

Fizzy's commencement speech, addressing the essence of romance as a genre that prioritizes stories of joy over stories of pain, serves as a meta-commentary on the significance of love stories in literature. The novel, in exploring Fizzy's internal conflicts and uncertainties about love, becomes a commentary on the broader themes of the romance genre itself. This self-reflection adds layers of depth to the narrative.

Humor and Dialogue:

A hallmark of Christina Lauren's storytelling is the incorporation of humor into the dialogue. While some readers may find Fizzy's quippy way of speaking and certain aspects of the dialogue to be a matter of personal taste, the humor contributes to the overall lighthearted and entertaining tone of the novel. The banter between characters, particularly Fizzy and Connor, adds moments of levity to the story.

Journey of Self-Discovery:

The novel presents Fizzy's journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As she confronts her own insecurities and grapples with the dissonance between her public persona and private struggles, Fizzy evolves into a more complex and relatable character. Her vulnerabilities humanize her, and the narrative becomes a testament to the ongoing process of self-discovery.

Climax and Resolution:

The climax introduces a plot twist that adds tension and complexity to Fizzy and Connor's relationship. The resolution, while satisfying, avoids clichéd third-act dramatics and aligns with the characters' maturity and growth. The authors address the complexities of real-life relationships, providing a nuanced and authentic conclusion to the romantic arc.

5. Review

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Christina Lauren's "The True Love Experiment" is a delightful rom-com that skillfully weaves humor, romance, and self-discovery into a compelling narrative. While it may not reinvent the genre, its unique take on a reality TV romance, engaging characters, and witty dialogue make it a recommended read for fans of contemporary romance and those seeking an entertaining escape.

Why it's Recommended:

  1. Humorous and Engaging: The novel is a laughter-inducing journey, thanks to Christina Lauren's signature humor. Fizzy's quippy dialogue and the playful banter between characters infuse the story with an infectious energy, making it a joy to read.

  2. Refreshing Take on Romance Tropes: "The True Love Experiment" stands out by incorporating a reality TV show within the plot, allowing the authors to playfully explore and critique traditional romance tropes. The use of archetypal contestants adds a layer of self-awareness to the narrative.

  3. Well-Developed Characters: Fizzy, the romance novelist, and Connor, the documentary filmmaker turned reality TV producer, are well-drawn characters with depth and relatability. Their journey of self-discovery and romance feels authentic, and readers will find themselves invested in their individual growth and budding relationship.

  4. Meta-Commentary on Romance Genre: The novel acts as a love letter to the romance genre, offering insightful meta-commentary on the conventions and values of romantic storytelling. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment for readers familiar with the genre.

  5. Entertaining Setting: The backdrop of a reality TV dating show adds an entertaining twist to the story. The dynamics of the show, including the quirky contestants and staged scenarios, contribute to the overall humor and lightheartedness.

For Whom it's Recommended:

  1. Contemporary Romance Enthusiasts: Readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a healthy dose of humor will find "The True Love Experiment" to be a delightful addition to their reading list.

  2. Fans of Christina Lauren's Style: If you've enjoyed Christina Lauren's previous works and appreciate their witty dialogue, engaging characters, and humorous storytelling, this book is a must-read.

  3. Those Seeking a Fun Escape: The novel serves as a perfect escape for those looking for a fun and entertaining read. It strikes a balance between humor and depth, making it an ideal choice for a lighthearted reading experience.

Why it's Worth Reading:

  1. Unique Premise: The incorporation of a reality TV show centered around romance, coupled with the exploration of romance novel archetypes, adds a unique and refreshing twist to the traditional romance narrative.

  2. Character Growth: The protagonists, Fizzy and Connor, undergo significant personal growth throughout the story. Witnessing their journeys of self-discovery and overcoming internal obstacles adds depth to the narrative.

  3. Balanced Tone: "The True Love Experiment" successfully blends humor with emotional depth. While it provides plenty of laughs, it also addresses serious themes, creating a well-rounded reading experience.

  4. Romance Genre Reflection: The novel's meta-commentary on the romance genre offers a thought-provoking element for readers who enjoy reflecting on the conventions and themes present in romantic literature.

6. About the Author

About the Authors: Christina Lauren

Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, collectively known as Christina Lauren, form a dynamic writing duo celebrated for their captivating romance novels. United by a shared passion for storytelling, humor, and romance, the authors have crafted numerous bestsellers that resonate with readers worldwide


  • Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings first crossed paths in the world of fanfiction, where they discovered a mutual love for crafting engaging narratives.

  • The authors' collaboration began with the "Beautiful" series, and since then, they've continued to create compelling stories that blend humor, emotion, and sizzling romance.

Writing Style:

  • Christina Lauren is renowned for their ability to infuse humor and authenticity into their characters, making them relatable and endearing.

  • The authors seamlessly navigate between lighthearted banter and poignant moments, creating a balance that keeps readers invested in the emotional journeys of their characters.

Genre Expertise:

  • While Christina Lauren is predominantly known for their contributions to the romance genre, their storytelling transcends traditional boundaries. They've explored contemporary romance, romantic comedies, and elements of women's fiction.

Notable Works:

  • "The True Love Experiment" (2023): A delightful rom-com exploring the world of reality TV and self-discovery, featuring a romance novelist as the protagonist.

  • "The Soulmate Equation" (2021): A enemies-to-lovers rom-com centered around a DNA-based matchmaking company.

Literary Universe:

  • Christina Lauren has created a literary universe that interconnects characters and elements across multiple novels. This interconnectedness adds a layer of familiarity for readers, creating a sense of community within their body of work.

Global Impact:

  • With a global fanbase, Christina Lauren's books have been translated into multiple languages, resonating with diverse audiences around the world.

  • Their impact extends beyond the pages of their novels, fostering a supportive and engaged community of readers through social media and literary events.

Recognition and Awards:

  • Christina Lauren's novels consistently receive acclaim for their wit, charm, and ability to explore complex emotions. Their works have secured spots on bestseller lists and garnered positive reviews from both readers and critics.

7. Book Club Questions

  1. Character Exploration:

  • Discuss the evolution of Fizzy's character throughout the story. How did her views on love and happiness change, and what pivotal moments contributed to this transformation?

  • Analyze Connor's character, focusing on how his role as a single father influenced his decisions and interactions. In what ways did being a parent shape his approach to love and relationships?

  1. Romance in Reality TV:

  • Explore the theme of romance within the context of a reality TV show. How did the dating show format add a unique layer to the romantic development between Fizzy and Connor?

  • Consider the impact of the show's structure on the characters' choices and emotions. How did the artificial setting of the reality show influence their genuine feelings?

  1. Genre Reflection:

  • "The True Love Experiment" is not only a romance but also a commentary on the romance genre itself. How does the book celebrate and challenge traditional romance tropes? Discuss specific examples from the story.

  • In Fizzy's commencement speech, she mentions that romance is about elevating stories of joy above stories of pain. How does this philosophy manifest in the characters' journeys?

  1. Literary Easter Eggs:

  • For readers familiar with Christina Lauren's previous works, there are nods and references to characters from other books. Identify these Easter eggs and discuss how they enhance the reading experience for longtime fans.

  • How does the interconnected literary universe contribute to a sense of continuity and community within Christina Lauren's body of work?

  1. Humor and Dialogue:

  • Christina Lauren is known for their humorous and authentic dialogue. Share your favorite witty exchanges or moments of banter between Fizzy and Connor. How did the humor contribute to the overall enjoyment of the story?

  • Explore the balance between humor and more serious moments in the narrative. How did the authors use humor to navigate deeper emotional themes?

  1. Reality TV Reflection:

  • Consider your own views on reality TV and how it was portrayed in the book. Do you think the story accurately captured the dynamics and behind-the-scenes aspects of reality dating shows?

  • Discuss the role of the audience in shaping the outcome of the reality show within the book. How does this parallel or differ from real-life audience influence on reality TV?

  1. Family and Relationships:

  • Examine the family dynamics portrayed in the story, including Fizzy's relationship with her sister and brother, and Connor's role as a father. How did family connections influence the characters' romantic journeys?

  • In what ways did the secondary characters, such as Stevie and Juno, contribute to the overall narrative and add layers to the story?

  1. Expectations vs. Reality:

  • Explore the theme of expectations versus reality in the book. How did Fizzy's expectations about love and Connor's expectations about the reality show align or differ from the eventual reality they faced?

  • Discuss specific moments where the characters had to confront and navigate the contrast between their expectations and the unpredictability of real-life emotions.

  1. Author's Message:

  • Consider the author's message about love, happiness, and being the main character in your own life. How did Fizzy's journey reflect these themes, and what broader messages did the authors convey about self-discovery and fulfillment?

  • Reflect on the commencement speech given by Fizzy. How did her words resonate with you, and do you agree with her perspective on romance and life?

  1. Recommendation and Final Thoughts:

  • Would you recommend "The True Love Experiment" to fellow book club members? Why or why not?

  • Share your overall impressions of the book and discuss what aspects made it a worthwhile and enjoyable read for you.

8. Reading Plan

Here's a suggested plan that spans over a week, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable reading experience:

Day 1-2:

  • Read the first 100 pages (Pages 1-100).

  • Introduction to Fizzy's character, her career, and the commencement speech.

  • Initial interactions between Fizzy and Connor, setting the stage for the reality show.

Day 3:

  • Read pages 101-200.

  • Delve into the development of the reality TV show and Fizzy's involvement.

  • Explore the growing dynamics between Fizzy and Connor.

Day 4:

  • Read pages 201-300.

  • Follow the progression of the reality show, paying attention to the challenges and romantic developments.

  • Dive deeper into the characters' personal lives and backgrounds.

Day 5:

  • Read pages 301-400.

  • Experience the climax of the story, including pivotal moments and conflicts.

  • Witness the resolution of the reality show and the characters' emotional arcs.

Day 6-7:

  • Read the final 16 pages (Pages 401-416).

  • Conclude the story, reflecting on the overall journey of the characters.

  • Take your time to savor the conclusion and appreciate the resolution.

This reading plan allows you to read the book at a moderate pace, giving you time to absorb the character developments, enjoy the romantic elements, and fully engage with the narrative. Adjust the plan based on your personal preferences and schedule, and feel free to modify the daily page targets to better suit your reading speed.

9. FAQ

What is "The True Love Experiment" about?

  • "The True Love Experiment" is a romance novel by Christina Lauren that follows the story of Felicity "Fizzy" Chen, a romance novelist, and Connor Prince, a documentary filmmaker. Sparks fly when they team up for a reality TV dating show, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and the challenges of finding true happiness.

Is this book a standalone or part of a series?

  • While "The True Love Experiment" is a standalone novel, it features a character, Fizzy Chen, who was introduced in Christina Lauren's earlier work, "The Soulmate Equation." Readers familiar with the previous book might enjoy the connection.

What genre does the book fall under?

  • "The True Love Experiment" belongs to the contemporary romance genre, known for its focus on modern relationships, realistic settings, and character-driven narratives.

What is the writing style of Christina Lauren?

  • Christina Lauren is known for their engaging and witty writing style. They often blend humor, steamy romance, and relatable characters to create compelling stories.

Are there any trigger warnings for this book?

  • Specific trigger warnings might vary, but contemporary romance novels generally explore themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery. Readers sensitive to explicit content or certain relationship dynamics may want to check for content warnings.

What sets this book apart from other romance novels?

  • "The True Love Experiment" stands out with its incorporation of reality TV as a backdrop for the romance. The unique setting, well-developed characters, and the humor infused into the narrative contribute to its distinct charm.

10. Books Related

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren is a contemporary romance novel, here are some recommended books that fall within the same genre, focusing on romance and humor:

  1. "The Soulmate Equation" by Christina Lauren

  • Since "The True Love Experiment" features a character from this book, it's worth exploring the story of Jess Davis and Dr. River Peña in "The Soulmate Equation."

  1. "Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating" by Christina Lauren

  • Another delightful romance by Christina Lauren, this book follows the quirky and lovable characters Josh and Hazel as they navigate the complexities of friendship and love.

  1. "The Hating Game" by Sally Thorne

  • A witty and charming enemies-to-lovers romance, "The Hating Game" explores the dynamic between coworkers Lucy and Joshua as they transition from rivalry to something more.

  1. "The Flatshare" by Beth O'Leary

  • In this heartwarming and unconventional love story, Tiffy and Leon share a flat but never meet. Their communication through notes leads to a unique and touching romance.

  1. "One Day in December" by Josie Silver

  • A captivating and emotional story, "One Day in December" follows the lives and loves of Laurie and Jack over a span of ten years. It's a tale of missed connections and second chances.

  1. "Red, White & Royal Blue" by Casey McQuiston

  • This LGBTQ+ romance novel features the charming love story between Alex, the First Son of the United States, and Henry, a Prince of Wales. It's a heartwarming and humorous tale of unexpected love.

  1. "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

  • A delightful romantic comedy, "The Rosie Project" follows Professor Don Tillman, a brilliant yet socially awkward geneticist, as he embarks on a quest to find the perfect life partner.

  1. "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes

  • A poignant and emotionally charged novel, "Me Before You" tells the story of Louisa Clark, who becomes a caregiver for Will Traynor, a quadriplegic. Their evolving relationship challenges perspectives on life and love.

  1. "The Unhoneymooners" by Christina Lauren

  • A romantic comedy filled with humor and banter, "The Unhoneymooners" follows Olive Torres and Ethan Thomas as they embark on a tropical vacation together, pretending to be a happily married couple.

  1. "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han

  • This charming young adult romance follows Lara Jean Covey as her secret love letters are accidentally sent out, leading to unexpected romantic entanglements. It's a sweet and heartfelt story.


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